Palm Springs Colors

Inspired by memorable lightings around the country during COVID, two Palm Springs residents have taken the idea to heart – and to home.

Beginning this past Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Alfredo Casuso & David Perry have started lighting up the LED powered palm trees in front of their Los Compadres home in ever changing rainbow hues to mark important days in history, national commemorations honoring nonprofits and charities and other significant dates.

It’s an idea they hope will grow and get picked up and magnified at a community and official level.


February 1 — National Freedom Day, honoring the signing by Abraham Lincoln: RED, BLACK, GREEN

February 4 — World Cancer Day: BLUE & ORANGE

February 11 — Nelson Mandela released from Prison: GREEN, BLACK, GOLD

February 12 — Chinese / Lunar New Year, “The Year of the Ox”: ALL RED

February 27 — Women’s voting rights: WHITE the colors of the Suffragists.

March 3 — World Wildlife Day: TEAL

March 4 — World Book Day: BLUE & ORANGE

March 8 — International Women’s Day: WHITE

March 17 — St. Patrick’s Day: GREEN

March 20 — Equinox Earth Day: YELLOW & BLUE

March 27 — Passover Begins at Sunset: BLUE & WHITE

March 31 — International Transgender Day of Visibility: PINK